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By His Stripes
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By His Stripes Officers
Activity Director Shafreeka
Disciple Esturk
Disciple Armrest
Raid Officer Brubert
Raid Officer Jurin
IHN Officer Anthony
GM Rhodryy
Disciple Samoon
Guild News Anchor and Photographer
Disciple Makarios

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---->By His Stripes<----

We are here as a safe haven for those who wish to play in a family friendly environment and experience WoW without having the many hassles, profanities, and obscenities that are common in too many guilds these days.  We promote helpfulness and treat each other with respect.  We have come together to be able to enjoy fellowship and friendship and not just be playing a game with random people.

BHS Conquers Naxx
Other Guild News

Kel'Thuzads Defeat

The_Aves, Apr 13, 09 8:19 AM.
On Sunday, April 12 (For some it was the 13th)  I witnessed BHS defeat Kel'Thuzad, thus completing Naxx for the first time.  I was amazed at the healing prowress of Clawsong, Ivyweald, and Brubert.  Jurin and Soulbeat did an incredible job at tanking, and Hammertoe, Areli, Bladeturk, Timmytwotoes, and Missgnomer were stellar in their dps.  At this late hour the group was getting weary, but a rallying cry went forth and  they banded together to fight the difficult fight.  It was a great night for BHS.  I'm honored to have been able to see it.

BHS takes the chill out of Sapphiron!

tiny_samson, Apr 6, 09 10:28 AM.
Yesiree...that BHS group is at it again. Riding high on confidence and mad frost gear the adventurous BHS group strutted into the mighty icebox that is Sapphiron's lair...and a few ice blocks later He was reduced to a slab of dragon meat. All it took was one shot at the mighty dragon and he was de-throned. BHS, being 'in-the-zone' now, litterally, went on to say a few words to the ill-mannered Kel'Thuzad. However, this encounter proved too much for our crew and we plan to return soon to rid the area of his plague. (ps. if anyone from the run has a better pic please feel free to edit mine...wasnt an easy one to shoot)

Construct wing clear!

tiny_samson, Apr 6, 09 10:16 AM.
Sunday, April 5. BHS completes the construct wing downing Thaddius (we nearly got him on the first try <1%) Those present for this awesome even: Jurin, Bladeturk, Areli, Zenoritosds, Rhodryy, Makarios, Timmytwotoes, Soulbeat, Hammertoe, Ivyweald, and Special guest Field Repair Bot.

BHS + Misfits = Patchwerk defeated

The_Aves, Mar 3, 09 9:31 AM.
The team went into the Construct quarter for the first time and defeated Patchwerk on the first try on Sunday, March 1

BHS + Misfits = Instructor Defeated

The_Aves, Feb 24, 09 9:38 AM.

With the plague quarter completed, it was time to take on the military quarter.
Through very good teamwork and coordination we downed Instructor Razuvious, the first boss of the military quarter on Sunday, February 22.

BHS + Misfits = One survival of the safety dance

The_Aves, Feb 21, 09 1:37 AM.

On Friday, February 20th BHS and Misfits joined forces and completed the spider quarter in Naxx.  They also defeated the Noth the plaguebringer which brought them to...the safety dance of Helgan the Unclean.

It came down to three....Makarios, Jurin, and Oddjon.  A priest, a pally tank, and dk dps.  But they did it, after 25 minutes, they survived the safety dance and took Helgan down!  Well done guys!

BHS + Misfits = One slain OS Boss

The_Aves, Feb 20, 09 8:27 AM.
On Wednesday February 18th for the first time we got her on the first try, no wipes!

BHS + Misfits = One Slain Naxx Boss

The_Aves, Feb 16, 09 5:44 AM.
On Sunday, February 15th, in a combined effort BHS and the Thunderhorn Misfits downed our first Naxxramus Boss....

  Noth the Plaguebringer

Here we are after the fight .....

By His Stripes Guild Photos

Avenpally, Oct 8, 08 6:09 AM.
Welcome to By His Stripes!

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